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This is the Step By Step Process For Your Kid To Draw A Flower-Pot. You can share this step by step process of drawing and other visual art with your kids.Its absolutely Free, Quick and Easy.

6 Steps Process To Draw A Cartoon Rabbit with Number ’60’


Reference Image

This is what we can get with this exercise

Step 01 : Draw  or Write the Number 60 , check the image below

Step 02 : Draw  and join both the figure  6 and 0  in the number 60 . Also draw a circle as tail and two elliptical circles as the Ears of the Rabbit. Check the image below

Step 03 : Draw the legs of the rabbit and join them to complete the volume. Check the image below

Step 04 : We are almost done with the basic shape of the Rabbit. Now add few details to the ears, face and legs.

Erase the overlapping line near the rear leg. Add Eyes, Nose, Lips and Hairs which are stretching out near by  nose area from both left and right side of the face .

Check the image below

Step 05 :  We are almost done!  Now just need to add the color. We will take brown color, however you can fill some other color if you want.

I have alter the color of the   inner ear area  with some light shade of brown so as  to distinct the ears from body and face.

Check the image below

Step 06 : Now Just add color to the eyes and nose of your choice. I have added very dark brown for eyes and red for the nose.

Check the image below

Its Done! Hope you enjoyed.

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