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This is the Step By Step Process For Your Kid To Draw A Flower-Pot. You can share this step by step process of drawing and other visual art with your kids.Its absolutely Free, Easy and Quick .


9 Steps Process To Draw A Flower-Pot

Reference Image


This is what we can get with this exercise

(We are not going to draw the design which is on Flower Pot in the reference image, its out of the scope of this exercise)


Note* : Try to create all the rectangle shapes with soft or easy corners.

Step01 : Draw a circle  for pot basic shape.


Step02 : Draw a rectangle overlapping the circle for the neck of  the pot. FP_Step-02

Step03 : Erase the intersecting/overlapping Circle and  draw a thin rectangle over the neck of  the pot.Now its looks like a Pot


Step04 :  Lets make it beautiful by adding more simple shapes and lines to it.Draw thin rectangle over the neck line.  FP_Step-04

Step05 :  Erase the neck line and draw a rectangle overlapping the lower side of the big circle. This is for the base of the pot  FP_Step-05

Step06 :  Erase the Overlapped big circle near its base.FP_Step-06

Step07 : Lets decorate the pot, so it looks like a Flower Pot. Draw two zigzag lines on the big circle with its center.


Step08 :  Draw three small circle on the neck area with equal distance between them.


Step09 : Erase the both outer part of the circles. And Draw a thin rectangle at the Flower pot base for the floor .FP_Step-10

Its Done. You can color it if you want. Hope you liked it. Have Fun!


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