'Its All About Computer Generated Image'


3D Look Dev & Live-CG

‘Can you add a Robot into my Live Scene Shot?’ YES. We Can!.3D Computer Graphics is now-a-days the most preferable way to develop the 3D Geometry for the integration & interaction with Live Shot Character or Scene. In this kind of project, we start with Look Development process which includes shooting HDRIs & 360 Degree Panoramas for Environment Lighting, Painting hi-Rez texture for the 3D geometry & developing the Shader. We use Production Rendering engine to produce high Quality photo-real pictures. We have our own Workflow for 3D Look Dev & Live-CG Compositing.


3D Products & Icons

This is for the commercial & product manufacturing market. Here we develop the products & icon scratch from Concept to the final output in 3D.


 3D SFX & Animation/3D Toon Animation

Now-a-days Special effects & dynamic Animation for film & commercials are being executed in CG which provides high level of control in means of Quality, time & budget for the artist or/and directors to make their Visualization the BEST to their needs.



Architectural Visualization

We provide facility building 3d elevation model, adding amenities, etc and render them to high quality photo-real still or video rendering

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“I employed this consultant to teach me animation so I could teach my daughter. Lessons were broken down into small teaching components and the consultant ensured I had practical examples that my daughter would enjoy - it was customised exactly to my daughter's interests. He is very patient and is very good at ensuring you master each skill before moving onto the a new skill. Great fun too!”

Mandy Mason
Perth, Australia