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Picture Visualization Studios is one of the best online vfx studios in India, we are the storytellers, the dreamweavers, and the creators of captivating visual experiences. Our passion lies in bringing imagination to life through the art of animation and visual storytelling with the help of standard Industrial tool sets and also the cutting edge technology for example Realtime Vfx/CGI, Virtual Production, Generative AI and more..



Picture Visualization Studios has a vision to inspire and engage audiences through animated narratives that make a lasting impact. We believe that their digital content creations can transport viewers to new worlds, evoke emotions, and effectively convey messages. In addition to their production work, we offer world-class training using the latest technology and tools in the Visual Effects, Gaming, and Animation industries. We aim to be a single platform for both production and education/training. The studio delivers high-quality pictures through various techniques such as VFX, 3D/CGI, photography, videography, etc.
We are specialized in 3D Animation & Graphics, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics & Corporate Video Presentations, and many other digital products. We also provide online animation training and develop animation course curricula for schools and universities in India. We have our clients from India, US, Australia and many European countries. However always ready to expand our horizon across the world. Further we facilitate and assign dedicated artists for our clients as per their requirements and provide registration for a new enthusiastic artist to join our team and will be taken on board whenever there is any relevant requirement for a coming project.

Who We Are?

Picture Visualization Studios is a highly regarded digital content creation studio that specializes in developing both still and video formats for clients. Our team consists of a small group of talented working artists who are deeply passionate about creating exceptional images and visuals based on our own or our clients’ visions. In addition to our production work, we also offer practical and production-based training. We collaborate with educational institutes by providing course content, conducting workshops, and offering master classes, even for production houses when required. Our team is comprised of dynamic artists, animators, and visionaries, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. At our studio, creativity knows no bounds, and every idea is given the opportunity to flourish. With a shared love for the art of visual communication, we are driven to push the boundaries of what is possible.
What sets us apart is our commitment to provide a common platform for both experienced artists and aspiring newcomers to work and learn together.